Are you anticipating a tax refund in Broward County? Then, it is vital to protect yourself from tax identity thieves. Tax return identity theft is commonly on the rise during tax seasons, but you can limit your risks and protect yourself so that your tax refund gets to you. There are lots of simple, yet effective steps to take to minimize your risks. Fortunately, at Caballero Fierman Llerena and Garcia LLP, our team has provided answers to the question: “How can you protect yourself against potential tax identity theft?”
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How Can You Protect Yourself Against Potential Tax Identity Theft?

Your first line of defense is to get your tax return filed immediately. Here is an excellent advice because tax identity can happen unexpectedly. Therefore, you everything within your power to prevent it. Otherwise,  a fraudster exposed to your identity might claim it.

Activate Fraud Alerts, Credit Freezes, And Keep All Sensitive Information Private

The next step is to involve your bank. Initiate fraud alerts that will inform you when something is wrong concerning your tax identity. Alternatively, you can activate credit freezes. When you flag a fraudulent activity via a fraud alert text or email, your bank will have to verify your identity. However, credit freezes can carry a small surcharge.

The final most important step to take is to keep sensitive information private. Be sure to keep your information secret and safe! The fact that you have to be hyper-vigilant, does not mean that you are overreacting. Many scammers want to defraud you via phone calls and emails. They might hide malware in a file attachment and send it to you. When you click on it, you risk losing your identity. Keep your Social Security card and its related SSN in a safe location. Also, ensure that your TIN stays confidential. Finally, check if the information you have on social media isn’t sensitive. If any information can be linked to sensitive information, it is highly recommended that you remove it from all social media sites.

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