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have been serving both individuals and businesses since 1972 with the highest ethical standards and an unparalleled level of professional and personal service. Our partners also have vast experience in audits and consulting services for governmental entities, non-profit and governmental retirement plans. The trust we have earned from our increasing client base over the years has enabled us to grow from a one-man accounting office to a complete staff of professionals and paraprofessionals with a broad range of specialties. Our present clientele is comprised of a broad spectrum of the economic community and our involvement with them has afforded us a wealth of varied in-depth professional knowledge and experience. This involvement includes developing an ongoing dialogue with our clients to keep us informed of their business activities and financial position as well as events that may impact their plans. In short, we become an integral part of our client’s team, increasing our value to them by making detailed recommendations on ways to streamline operations, increase profitability while minimizing the tax impact, thereby increasing cash flows.

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Searching for ‘CPA firms near me?’

At Caballero Fierman Llerena & Garcia LLP, we know that accounting data is the engine of every organization. That’s why delivering accurate data is a priority. While you may be engaged with production, updating general ledgers, journals, payroll, and sales tax records may be challenging.

Whether in the pharmaceutical, fashion, hotel business, startups, or industry leaders, you can entrust your accounting systems to our credible team. Our increasing clientele is proof of our quality work.

Time and money are of the essence to you as it is to us. Let us save you the hustle with our team of experts who are numbers-friendly, whether on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Looking for ‘CPA firms near me’ shows how much you care for your business.

Accounting is a detailed account of the company’s income and expenses, while bookkeeping entails recording financial transactions and drafting accurate financial statements. These may include payroll and employment taxes, sales and purchases, expenses, bank statements, profit and loss statements, and a cash flow analysis.

So, should you search for ‘CPA Accounting firms near me?’ Yes!

Importance of CPA firms today

Below are the benefits of our accounting and bookkeeping services:


Making informed financial decisions

We help you gauge where to put your best foot forward and where to cut back on the spending. For instance, if you are getting more from a marketing strategy, our in-depth financial analysis will depict that, influencing wise decisions that will likely roll in more cash and increase overall revenue!

A detailed financial analysis is also the perfect tool when you need an external boost of investments. We can prepare this within a reasonable time.

Establish accounting systems for your firm

Everything works differently for everyone, and accounting systems are no exception. Based on your current system, we can create reliable, suitable, and complete accounting systems for your business. Not to worry about training your staff on daily bookkeeping, as it’s part of our job, and soon you can be proud of your firm’s transparency as everything can easily be accounted for.

Creating an effective tax plan

More times than not, industry leaders find themselves on the wrong side of the law simply due to tax fraud. While paying your tax dues may feel like a pinch for a streamlined running of the business, it saves you money in the end.

At Caballero Fierman Llerena Garcia LLP, we keep up to date with tax codes and regulations, correct filling errors, and provide the best tax plan, so you never have to worry about lawsuits resulting from tax evasion. In turn, that means the IRS audit will remain a vocabulary in your company.


What we do for our clients to keep bad audits away:

Filing and paying taxes as required by law
Preparing correct business records
Excluding personal expenses from general business accounts
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Our Goal

“Our goal at Caballero, Fierman, Llerena & Garcia, LLP is to provide our clients with the highest level of qualified certified public accounting services with the personal touch you would expect from a close and trusted advisor.

We strive to meet and exceed your expectations!

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Do your tax strategies need a refresh?

With some tax law changes going into effect in 2021 and more changes potentially on the horizon, you probably have questions about tax planning this year. To save the most on your 2021 taxes, you need to plan carefully and take advantage of all deductions, credits and other breaks that current tax law allows. This is exactly what our online tax planning guide can help you do. So, visit our website and look through the guide. Then contact us to talk about ways to lighten your tax burden and better achieve your financial objectives.
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Are you a small business hunting for ‘bookkeeping firms near me?’

Being a small firm or a startup in the business world can be intimidating. But big clients, as small businesses and individuals, matter to us. While employing our services may seem feasible for you, it’s on the contrary. We have worked with small businesses and have established suitable quotes based on the circumstances.

So, for the best bookkeeping services at Boca Raton, we can ensure the smooth running of your business without setbacks from financial irregularities. If searching for ‘small business bookkeeping services near me,’ do not hesitate to reach us.

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For ‘CPA firms near me,’ the Caballero Fierman LLerena & Garcia LLP’s team of professionals offer high-quality certified public accounting services for individuals and businesses. With high ethical standards and up-to-date systems, be assured that transparency and accuracy are our priorities to maintain a good relationship with our clients.

We also ensure that an IRS Audit doesn’t make it to your list of problems with efficient and effective tax plans. We take pride in our knowledge and experience in audits and consulting services, together with fifty years of experience in the industry. Fill a form on our website to get closer to financial freedom!

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